Therapy Confidence

What steps have you taken to improve your staff's therapy confidence when delivering NPWT?

Ensuring patients receive consistent treatment across the continuum of care is a challenge. Medela is committed to providing stability and a sense of calm to your patient's care team.

We facilitate therapy confidence in a number of ways, including the helpful "how-to" videos on the Medela NPWT app, 24/7 phone support, the easy-to-use QR code for tips and tricks and best-in-class training. You'll also experience a simple user interface, along with fast and secure pump and dressing connections.

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Become a Confident and Knowledgeable NPWT User

The Medela NPWT App helps healthcare professionals and patients to better manage NPWT with its short and simple instructional videos and quick cards to support you in becoming a confident and knowledgeable NPWT user.

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