Patient Experience

How important is patient-centered care and patient satisfaction? Very!

Wound care therapy is a daunting experience for even the strongest of patients. Settling their minds, let alone healing their wound, is no easy task.

A great patient experience directly impacts satisfaction surveys and HCAHPS scores. That's why reducing the noise and quieting the process is imperative.

Medela's NPWT portfolio of products is completely interchangeable, providing the patient continuity of care. The system your patient uses in the hospital will be the same type used at home; no need to learn a new device. 

What's more, we’ve got you covered when transitioning across the continuum of care, from admit to home, with our national distributor partnerships:  Apria, a leading national provider of home healthcare and Joerns Healthcare, a leading wound solutions provider to the skilled nursing and long-term acute care hospital settings.

Medela Invia® NPWT Systems offer whisper-quiet technology and lightweight design to maximize patient comfort and mobility. Watch the video below to learn more. 

For uninsured or underinsured patients, read more about our Vulnerable Patient Program here


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