Invia Motion

Delivers the convenience of a personal pump while offering clinical flexibility with a choice of pressure settings, therapy modes and compatibility with both foam and gauze dressings.

Compact design

The compact design and quiet operation helps patients to comfortably go about daily activities. Just under 1lb.

Double lumen tubing

Double lumen tubing design from the pump to the wound allows for Intelligent Pressure Control, ensures the prescribed pressure is delivered at the wound site, and Dynamic Exudate Removal, which actively helps prevent blockages with airflow cycles adapting up to three times a minute, innovating the standard of care.


Invia Quick-connector features a secure tubing connection with an audible click.

Discrete carrying

Comes with a discrete carrying case and battery autonomy of 10 hours to promote mobility of the patient.

Pressure options

Pressure options from –40 to –175mmHg, including preset standard -125 mmHg.

Personal pump convenience

Personal pump convenience, reusable pump performance.

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