Invia Liberty

The intuitive design makes it easy to operate; while features such as the one-touch canister release, whisper-quiet technology, and lightweight design encourage patient comfort and mobility.

Secure canister connection

Secure canister connection with an audible click and one-touch release button.

Air leak indicator

On-screen air leak indicator and instructions for guided troubleshooting.

Canisters with solidifier.

Choice of 300 ml and 800 ml disposable canisters with solidifier.

Double lumen tubing

Double lumen tubing design from the pump to the wound allows for Intelligent Pressure Control, ensures the prescribed pressure is delivered at the wound site, and Dynamic Exudate Removal, which actively helps prevent blockages with airflow cycles adapting up to four times a minute, innovating the standard of care.

Quiet pump operation and compact design

Intuitive, quiet pump operation and compact design for patient comfort and mobility. Just over 2lbs and battery lasts up to 14 hours.

Pressure options from -40 to -200 mmHg

Pressure options from -40 to -200 mmHg, including preset standard -125 mmHg.

Secure tubing connection

Invia Quick-connector features a secure tubing connection with an audible click.

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