Accesories and Dressings

Black foam

Black foam is manufactured using a reticulated polyether and polyurethane hydrophobic material.

Transparent film

Transparent film features intuitive markings that simplify the application technique.

Invia White Foam

Invia White Foam is a hydrophilic open-cell polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam, and comes pre-moistened in sterile water with a higher tensile strength than black foam.

Invia Silverlon NPWT Antimicrobial Wound Contact Dressing

Invia Silverlon NPWT Antimicrobial Wound Contact Dressing provides a barrier to bacterial penetration using silver ions activated by moisture delivered in the dressing which can help reduce infection.

FitPad suction interface

FitPad suction interface with Quick-connector features a low profile design and flexible wings that permits appropriate placement in difficult anatomic locations.


Gauze is available as a pad or a roll.

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