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WOCN® emPOWERed Program

Advanced Course: Biofilms and Chronic Wounds

This advanced practice training course helps participants understand how biofilm forms and interacts with chronic wounds. Special attention is placed on the treatment and debridement of wounds that contain biofilm.

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Advanced Course: Wound Bed Preparation

This advanced practice training course reviews the observations and interventions that lead to effective wound bed preparation. Participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of wound bed preparation, ongoing patient assessment, and how to overcome barriers to healing.

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Advanced Course: NPWT - The Physics Behind the Therapy

This advanced practice training course covers the physics of negative pressure with emphasis on its use in medical applications including ways in which NPWT systems have been modified to perfect fluid and pressure dynamics.

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Advanced Course: A Deep Dive into the Mechanisms of Action of NPWT

This advanced practice training course covers in detail the mechanisms of action of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and their relationship to each other to promote wound healing.

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