Intelligent Pressure Control™ ensures the prescribed pressure is delivered at the wound site.

Medela's Invia FitPad® suction interface with double-lumen tubing plays an important role in delivering pressure at the wound site.

Medela’s Invia® Liberty™ and Invia Motion® NPWT Systems follow the international recommendations for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) set by the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and offer an electronically controlled feedback system to maintain the therapy prescribed by the physician.

Devices that do not control pressure at the wound site may not maintain the prescribed therapy.

The pressure you prescribe is what we provide, regardless of the height difference between the pump and the wound.

*-125 mmHg prescribed pressure and medical device heights used in Medela test.

Intelligent Pressure Control

Dynamic Exudate Removal™ actively helps prevent blockages with airflow cycles adapting up to four times a minute, innovating the standard of care.

Depending on the level of volume and viscosity, the Invia NPWT systems with FitPad® dynamically adapts the airflow cycle to optimize removal.

Average airflow cycle: Invia Liberty >20 times per 5 minutes and Invia Motion >10 times per 5 minutes.


Dynamic Exudate Removal

Press Release: New Data Demonstrates Medela Innovates the Standard of Care for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Peer-reviewed Poster Published at SAWC Fall 2020 Details Invia® Liberty™ NPWT Systems Accelerated Performance

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White Paper: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Innovates Standard of Care via Intelligent Pressure Control and Dynamic Exudate Removal

Supplement to WOUNDS® October 2020

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