Stryker and Medela Reshaping Stroke Treatment Together

World-renowned med-tech company Stryker has raised the standard on how strokes are treated. Medela with its Dominant Flex surgical suction pump and co-branded disposables is part of this latest innovation.


Stryker has refined a revolutionary new stroke treatment therapy, aspiration thrombectomy.

As one of the leading med-tech companies in interventional neuroradiology, Stryker has refined a revolutionary new stroke treatment therapy, aspiration thrombectomy, in which the surgeon inserts a micro-catheter into the femoral artery and threads it through the vasculature into the brain.  Vacuum technology is then used to remove the blood clot causing the stroke/blockage. During the evaluation process for the optimal vacuum pump for the task, Medela's Dominant Flex design came out on top. It is a textbook example of a partnership with a major medical-technology firm that needs vacuum solutions for its applications.

The AXS Universal® Aspiration Set:

Stryker Medela Pump


Medela and Stryker entered an exclusive partnership to bring a medical vacuum technology to stroke patients worldwide. This new aspiration thrombectomy product is a part of a suite of ischemic stroke treatment solutions offered by Stryker.

Furthermore, Medela and Stryker co-developed the sterile packed AXS Universal Aspiration Tubing and the AXS Universal Liner Set including the ClotFinder™ specimen cup.

The Medela Dominant Flex combined with Stryker's AXS Universal Aspiration Accessories offers an aspiration solution that can be used with Stryker's AXS Catalyst® Distal Access Catheter to perform neurothrombectomy procedures.


The AXS Universal® Aspiration System, is now a reality!

The AXS Universal® Aspiration System, designed to treat ischemic-stroke patients through a procedure called aspiration thrombectomy, is now a reality!

During the procedure, Medela's Dominant Flex and co-developed Stryker-Medela consumables deliver a high vacuum within a minimum time which, combined with the low noise, makes it the ideal complement to Stryker's Trevo Stroke Solutions™ portfolio.

Before and after revascularization:

stroke before and after

Surgical & Airway Suction Pumps

Powerful and reliable suction when access to a power source is guaranteed::

  • High-power vacuum and flow with whisper-quiet operation.

  • Available in rack, portable or mobile versions with trolley.

  • Disposable fluid collection with disposable virus filters (effective to prevent cross-contamination with SARS-CoV-2).

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