Why Use Thopaz+ for Cardiac Patients?

Treating patients for cardiac disorders is a discipline that requires great sensitivity towards patient recovery. While many factors influence the patient’s recovery after cardiac surgery, experts agree that a functioning drainage is vital in preventing post-operative complications and reducing length of stay. Find out how the Medela Thopaz+ addresses these needs and provides safer care for enhanced recovery.

Why use Thopaz+ for cardiac patients?

Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care

  • Thopaz+ reduces chest tube duration and length of stay (in hospital).
  • Improves safety for people with chest drains.
  • Improves clinical decision-making through continuous objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss.
  • Increases patient mobility.
  • Clinical staff find Thopaz+ more convenient and easier to use than conventional chest drainage systems.
  • Visit our FAQ for more information about safe chest drain management.

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Find out how Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care!

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