Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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How does negative pressure wound therapy work?

Negative pressure wound therapy uses suction, tubing, and wound dressing to remove excess exudate and any infectious material that may be present in the wound. Negative pressure wound therapy, also called “wound vac” or “NPWT,” provides an ideal and clean environment to promote wound healing in acute or chronic wounds and second- and third-degree burns. Offering significant clinical benefits for large, chronic wounds and acute, complicated wounds, negative pressure wound therapy is used by healthcare teams and wound care specialists to support faster wound healing.

Clinicians choosing an NPWT system often prioritize systems that offer intuitive and quiet pump operation (like the Invia Liberty NPWT System, to help support consistent, correct utilization) or compact, portable design (like the Invia Motion NPWT System, to promote patient comfort and mobility).

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices & Dressings

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