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Strategic Partnerships / Customized Solutions

Medela Healthcare is a well-established medical OEM company for vacuum technology. With decades of experience in manufacturing, Medela healthcare continues to produce and deliver best-in-class OEM medical devices.

Medela vacuum solutions have been utilized by numerous medical companies to provide effective, reliable suction that supports advanced therapy delivery. Our extensive experience in producing and delivering custom OEM medical devices makes us an ideal partner for companies in need of proven vacuum technology.

  • We offer various levels of integration to tailor solutions that best fits your needs.
  • We are partnering with global market leaders- customizing vacuum technologies solutions for specific applications.
  • We provide end-to-end solutions so you keep innovating in your field of expertise.

Does Medela have the knowledge?

We bring 55+ years of vacuum technology know-how combined with Swiss quality medical-class vacuum technology.


Does Medela have the resources?

We bring a skilled cross functional team that is committed to delivering on your clinical and business ambitions.



Can Medela deliver according to my expectations?

We bring a portfolio of successful partnerships with market leaders in the fields of neurovascular, endoscopy, aesthetics and cardiovascular.

Dr Moreu testimonial imange

"I have been using Medela pump for thrombus aspiration since its launch within the Stryker AXS Universal system. I do encourage any interventional neuroradiologist to try it and discover the benefits that aspiration represents when dealing with acute stroke patients. For us the Medela pump makes a difference"

Dr. Manuel Moreu GamazoNeurorradiologist, Hospital Clínico, San Carlos, Madrid, Spain

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