How Can a Suction Pump Help You and Your Patients

What have we learned?

20% of COVID-19 patients require hospitalization

5% of COVID-19 patients require critical care support1

Ventilation and suction in the intensive care unit

Most severely ill COVID-19 patients will  require ventilation in first 24 hours of  intensive care. A vacuum source and suction regulator is  recommended for every treatment space to cover multiple patient management processes.2

Airway patency saves lives

  • Airway suctioning is a lifesaving  procedure. It decreases the risk of lung infections, prolonged hypoxia, and pooling of secretions.
  • Endotracheal suctioning must be available for all mechanically  ventilated patients in order to remove secretions
  • Patients treated with an artificial  airway require regular suctioning 3

Mobile suction prevents viral spread

Electrical suction pumps with filters and  accessories help to prevent viral spread in  hospitals and care centres and are listed  as required in the WHO’s booklet for  Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Treatment  Centres. This is in line with guidance from the NHS.4

Medela Solutions offer lasting performance that support patient care today and tomorrow.

Mobile and independent from central (piped) vacuum systems

  • Available with disposable virus filters, effective to prevent cross-contamination with SARS-CoV-2
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Tested and proven technology for high endurance with over 50 years of experience in medical vacuum

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