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Reduce infection risk with 4 simple strategies for waste disposal

If you want to reduce infection risk in your hospital, nursing home, or outpatient facility, treat every fluid collection system you handle as an infectious event waiting to happen.

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Medical Suction Pumps

As the leading specialist in medical vacuum technology, Medela offers a range of pumps and accessories for flexible adaptation to any situation in the OR, ward or at home.

Medela provides hygienic and efficient fluid collection systems, in both disposable and reusable models, and which fit individual suctioning applications. A wide range of accessories complement the range.

Medela offers a Vacuum Assisted Delivery (VAD) solution with active vacuum and a large choice of suction cups. Medela’s Vaccum Assisted Delivery System is designed for the efficient application, allowing obstetricians to perform safe, individualized interventions.

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