60+ Years of Medical Vacuum Experience

Medela Healthcare is a global manufacturer of medical vacuum solutions trusted by healthcare professionals around the world.

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Our Mission

​​​​​We exist to make life easier and improve outcomes for healthcare professionals and patients through the innovative use of medical vacuum technology  thanks to continued research, innovation and the evaluation of customer's needs.

  • Over 6 million hospitals and homes use our medical pumps.1
  • 15+ years of leadership in Digital Drainage.
  • 2+ million patients treated with Thopaz+.
  • Over 3 million therapy days of NPWT since 2011.

Pioneering Solutions in Healthcare Technology

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Chest Drainage

Medela's Thopaz+ provide regulated negative pressure for removing air and fluid from the pleural space and/or mediastinum for patients with injuries or diseases, or for patients undergoing surgery and post-surgery recovery.

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Medela offers efficient Negative Pressure Wound Therapy solutions, simplifying the delivery and management of NPWT - making it easier for healthcare professionals to help their patients heal.

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OEM and Customized Solutions

Medela offers various levels of integration to tailor solutions that best fits your needs.
We partner with global market leaders - customizing vacuum technologies solutions for specific applications.

Global Team

Medela has 18 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia and distributes its products in more than 100 countries, either directly or through independent partners.


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1 Approximate number of hospitals, homes, LTC and other with at least 1 Medela pump (USA and EU). Statement based on accumulated sales figures.