Supporting our customers, patients and employees during COVID-19

Medela is Ready to Help with Airway & Surgical Suction and Chest Drainage Systems

Dear Customers,

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. On behalf of Medela, I would like to thank all doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and care teams that are caring for patients during this global pandemic. We are here to support you! Medela manufactures medical vacuum pumps that are essential for the treatment of COVID-19 patients who require hospital or intensive medical care. We live up to our responsibility and are trying everything to meet the current urgent demand for medical devices. We aim to triple the output of products that are urgently required during this global healthcare crisis. Should you plan to expand your hospital or critical care capacities, we offer to support you with the following products:

Mobile vacuum pumps for endotracheal suction: COVID-19 patients receiving mechanical ventilation need regular suctioning to remove lung secretions generated from the inflammatory process of the virus. Therefore, it is recommended1 to equip each critical care ventilation bed with a vacuum source. The NHS recently published a design note for COVID-19 wards for intubated patients2 that recommends not to provide piped vacuum in infectious diseases units (IDU). The following Medela vacuum pumps are mobile and independent from central (piped) vacuum systems:

  • Basic and Dominant Flex, require a power source,
  • Vario provides also a battery-powered option.

All three pumps can be equipped with disposable virus filters (effective to prevent cross-contamination with SARS-CoV-23) and disposable fluid collection systems to help reduce the risk of infection for caregivers and patients.

Medela is committed to continuing to serve our patients, customers and employees with the highest level of care and support during these uncertain times. Please reach out to us whenever you need support in the above or other needs for medical vacuum.

Yours sincerely,

Medela AG


Leonhardt Bauer     
Executive Vice President
Business Unit Healthcare


1 CHEST 2014; 146 (4_Suppl): e17S - e43S

2 NHS: Novel coronavirus (COVID19) standard operating procedure. Design note: COVID-19 ward for intubated patients. 22 March 2020


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