Thopaz+ Chest Drain Management Guidelines – Support and Guidance for Your Healthcare Team

The quantity of medical knowledge is increasing fast and clinical product data is spread through a variety of channels. Medela has recently issued Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Digital Chest Drains in close collaboration with three experts in the field: Dr Stephen J Cole, Dr Thomas Kiefer and Ian Naldrett RN, MSc.

Clinical guidelines support healthcare professionals in their medical approach, they facilitate workflows and improve the patient experience and health outcomes, which is ultimately the goal of all medical decisions.

Comprehensive knowledge –  broken down to its most important components –  is recorded in the Clinical Guidelines Chest drainage with the Thopaz+ digital chest drainage system, which includes the following aspects:

  • Overview of chest drainage after lung and heart surgery including indications for chest drainage, general principles for the management of chest drains during pulmonary and cardiac procedures, the removal of chest drains and the avoidance of complications.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of differenct options currently available (bottle system vs digital system) and the benefits of using Thopaz+.
  • A description of the Thopaz+ digital chest drainage and monitoring system, product details of the system and how to use it.
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Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care

  • Thopaz+ reduces chest tube duration and length of stay (in hospital).
  • Improves safety for people with chest drains.
  • Improves clinical decision-making through continuous objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss.
  • Increases patient mobility.
  • Clinical staff find Thopaz+ more convenient and easier to use than conventional chest drainage systems.
  • Visit our FAQ for more information about safe chest drain management.

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