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Three pioneers of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) discuss why its principles can and should apply to every patient admitted to hospital for surgical treatment.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery is a perioperative protocol that places the patient at the centre of all medical decisions. It is designed to reduce stress for the patient, alleviate the amount of pain they experience and crucially, speed up the recovery and mobilisation process, where removing invasive lines and drains as soon as possible is essential.

During the 7th ERAS World Congress, held in Liverpool (UK) in early May 2019, the myriad benefits of the protocol for both patients and the perioperative care team were discussed by three experts:

  • Olle Ljungqvist, Professor of Surgery at Örebro University, Sweden, and co-founder and current president of the ERAS® Society.
  • Tim Batchelor, a thoracic surgeon from Bristol in the UK and lead author of the recently published ERAS® Society/ESTS guidelines for lung surgery.
  • Jim Coates, Clinical Research Fellow in cardiothoracic anaesthesia and principal investigator of ERAS for heart patients at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK.

Watch the video to discover how patients could benefit most from ERAS and why all three experts believe that digital chest drains are a perfect match for the philosophy of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.

Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care

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  • Increases patient mobility.
  • Clinical staff find Thopaz+ more convenient and easier to use than conventional chest drainage systems.
  • Visit our FAQ for more information about safe chest drain management.

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