Airway Suctioning Saves Lives

Why is airway suction critical?

Airway patency saves lives

Airway suctioning is a lifesaving procedure. It decreases the risk of lung  infections, prolonged hypoxia, and  pooling of secretions.1

Who needs airway suction?

  • Intubated patients
  • Self-ventilating patients may require help to expectorate secretions 
  • Patients treated with an artificial  airway require regular suctioning

Where is airway suction performed

Saving lives everywhere

Hospitals (ICUs, ER, OR, wards, crash carts), nursing homes, alternate care facilities

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Why Medela suction

Mobile suction prevents viral spread – in times of fear of spreading viruses, mobile medical vacuum reduces the risk of cross contamination associated with wall suction.

Central Vacuum System


  • Space saving

To consider:

  • In case of overflow: contamination  of whole system
  • More users: possibly less suction capacity and instable suction strength

Mobile Suction pumps


  • Thanks to dedicated use per patient and virus filters risk of cross-contamination is reduced 2, 3
  • Powerful, reliable vacuum for every patient

To consider:

  • Footprint

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