Vario 18 Portable Suction Pump

Versatile, mobile and safe by design

Access versatile design for a wide range of low-vacuum applications and treatment settings. Vario 18 suction pumps offer the reliability, mobility, and infection-prevention features that are often a priority in care delivery for COVID-19 patients. Independent, portable vacuum avoids use of wall vacuum, aligned to NHS recommendations.*

Compact design and battery-powered option

Enables use in any care setting, making the pump suitable for a wide range of applications.

Carrying handle

The light weight of the system makes transport easy.

QuatroFlex™ Powered Vacuum Suction

Silent and discreet operation (51.8 dB(A) at maximum flow*

*Performance data on file Medela AG.

Intuitive handling and safety features

Pump design is easy to understand and use so that clinical staff can become familiar with the system quickly. 

Membrane vacuum regulator

Guarantees a rapid vacuum build-up and allows precise regulation. Safety knob prevents unintended changes of vacuum.

Simple design

Designed for efficient, routine cleaning. The materials can withstand potent disinfection agents.

Disposable Fluid Collection System (Recommended)

Closed system with high-flow bacteria (99.999% retention) and overflow filter, smoke pre-filter and patient backflow valve. Constructed with double layered, highly burst-resistant1 PA/PE foil to ensure optimum protection. Optional solidifier models eliminate the risk of spilling to protect staff safety.

Efficient virus and bacteria filter

Prevent cross-contamination from COVID-19 with filtration efficiency of greater than 99.99987%.

Recommended set up configuration

•Disposable collection system (1.5 L) with Jar (art. 077.0082) and Liners (art. 077.0083 / 84).

• Adapter (art. 077.0105)

•Patient tubing, e.g. art. 077.0951 with Stepped conical connector and fingertip, 180 cm, STERILE

•Virus filter with overflow protection & Medela connections (art. 101035263)

Setting up your new Vario pump?

Here are all the answers, resources, and support you need to get up and running.

Other solutions to help your patients

Powerful and reliable suction when access to a power source is guaranteed:

  • High-power vacuum and flow with whisper-quiet operation
  • Available in rack, portable or mobile versions with trolley
  • Disposable fluid collection and COVID-19 rated virus filter

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