Dominant Flex and Basic Surgical Suction Pumps

Powerful and reliable suction

Access powerful, reliable suction for your COVID-19 patients. Medela Dominant Flex and Basic pumps offer high-vacuum suction with infection-preventing features. Aligned to NHS recommendations to avoid use of wall vacuum in COVID-19 units*, the independent, mobile vacuum avoids overflow into wall systems and provides a smooth, consistent, and reliable vacuum level.

Smooth, single-piece hood

Designed to facilitate cleaning, the materials can withstand potent disinfection agents.

CleanTouch on/off button

Switch on and off with a simple touch. There are no gaps or grooves, reducing risk of contamination.

Versatility in all forms

High-vacuum pumps are available in rack, portable or mobile versions with cart—providing the flexibility to use the systems across a variety of care settings*. A built-in handle enhances ease of transport when a cart is not available.

*Requires access to power source.


Flow rates selection (Dominant Flex only)

With the touch of a button, access increased performance and faster suctioning for the Dominant Flex (40 / 50 / 60 l per minute).Basic offers 30 l per minute.

Whisper-quiet operation

Powerful drive unit is whisper quiet at < 40 dB(A), up to four times quieter than comparable models to reduce distractions during use.

On/off Foot switch

Enables hands-free operation

Durable construction

Medela provides a 5-year warranty on the complete pump.

Disposable Fluid Collection System (Recommended)

Closed system with high-flow bacteria (99.999% retention) and overflow filter, smoke pre-filter and patient backflow valve. Constructed with double layered, highly burst-resistant1 PA/PE foil to ensure optimum protection. Optional solidifier models eliminate the risk of spilling to protect staff safety.

Efficient virus and bacteria filter

Prevent cross-contamination from COVID-19 with filtration efficiency of greater than 99.99987%.

Medela offers additional disposable filters that prevent cross-contamination.

Recommended set up configuration:

  • Disposable collection system in 2 sizes:
    • 1.5 L System, Jar (art. 077.0082) and Liners (art. 077.0083 / 84)
    • 2.5 L System, Jar (art. 077.0085) and Liners (art. 077.0086 / 87)
  • Virus filter with overflow protection & Medela connections (art. 101035263)
  • Patient tubing, e.g. art. 077.0951 with Stepped conical connector and fingertip, 180 cm, STERILE
  • Trolley (art. 071.0034)
  • Also available for Dominant Flex and Basic the portable version with 2 sizes of the disposable collection system:
    • 1.5 L System, Jar (art. 077.0082) and Liners (art. 077.0083 / 84)
    • 2.5 L System, Jar (art. 077.0085) and Liners (art. 077.0086 / 87)

Setting up your new Dominant Flex or Basic pump?

Here are all the answers, resources, and support you need to get up and running.

Other solutions to help your patients

Versatile, mobile suction when portability is the priority:

  • Suitable for a range of low-vacuum applications
  • Light weight and carrying handle for easy transport
  • Disposable fluid collection and COVID-19 rated virus filter
  • Battery-powered option

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*Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure. NHS England website. Accessed 30 March 2020.