ClotStop® catheter

for chest drainage

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ClotStop® for effective and safe chest drain management

A prospective observational study shows that 36 % of chest tubes occlude after cardiac surgery. 86 % of these occlusions occur inside the patient and are not visible to doctors and nursing staff. 1

The innovative ClotStop® catheter helps to minimize the risk of clot formation and thus prevents occlusion of the catheter. It is coated with an innovative hydrogel polymer. This is not an anticoagulant and is medically safe as it does not affect natural blood clotting. In contact with water, it creates such a low coefficient of friction that clots and exudate cannot adhere to the catheter surface. This ultra-smooth coating prevents tissue encrustation and the formation of blood clots. The reduced resistance on the surface of the catheter promotes continuous fluid drainage and reduces the need for continual milking. 2

Special mediastinal catheters with large internal area and special design optimize the flow rate of the drain and minimize pressure on the heart, coronary arteries and grafts.

The ClotStop® catheters are made of silicone, which ensures easy and safe placement in the thorax. The pleasantly soft material enables the patient to move freely, promoting patient comfort. Using ClotStop® encourages enhanced patient's safety and recovery. 3

The ClotStop® catheter

  • encourages continuous, non-clogging flow 3,2,4
  • reduces the need for continual milking 2,4
  • improves patient comfort 4

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Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care

  • Thopaz+ reduces chest tube duration and length of stay (in hospital).
  • Improves safety for people with chest drains.
  • Improves clinical decision-making through continuous objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss.
  • Increases patient mobility.
  • Clinical staff find Thopaz+ more convenient and easier to use than conventional chest drainage systems.
  • Visit our FAQ for more information about safe chest drain management.


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