Improving Healthcare in Developing Countries With Custom-made Suction Solutions

Medela Healthcare is proud to support people in the poorest regions and to improve healthcare in developing countries with essential medical care. Find out more about our NGO solutions below.


Some examples of supported initiatives:

  • Reducing maternal mortality by providing a modern Vacuum Assisted Delivery System (VAD).
  • Early detection of Tuberculosis and (consequently) reduced infection rates.
  • Portable suction during emergency operations.
  • Patient friendly trauma wound-care.

World-renowned NGO organizations like UNICEF, the ICRC and MSF, are looking for suction solutions to meet the needs of their missions. Examples are:

  • Reducing maternal mortality in sub-Saharan African countries with the help of Medela Manual Vacuum Extractor Kit
  • Early detection of tuberculosis in seven Asian and African countries with the help of Medela Vario battery operated pump

 As these missions always operate in developing countries, the main requirements for devices are: 

  • Full functionality
  • Independence from power supplies
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • High level of reliability
Medela Vario 18 and Manual Vacuum Extractor


With the above requirements, two distinct solutions are on offer to NGO’s:

  1. One suction solution to perform assistance during childbirth.
  2. A portable battery operated versatile suction solution for first-aid surgery.


NGOs supported with our solutions:

  1. The Medela Manual Vacuum Extractor Kit has proven its suitability manifold in virtually every corner of the world. Well over 10,000 units have been delivered to several NGO’s. A reliable device for safe, individualized assistance.
  2. The battery operated Medela Vario 18 AC/DC Set has also been applied in many humanitarian missions to serve as a versatile pump during small surgery operations in developing countries.

Medela Healthcare is proud to offer these custom-made suction solutions for treating people in regions with minimal infrastructure - helping to improve access to medical care.

Medela Suction Solutions

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