The Past, Present and Future of NPWT and the WOC Nurse Practice

Medela launches a new website as dedicated resource for WOC Nurses

NPWT has evolved over the last 40 years to become a vital tool in advanced wound management. 

Understanding different eras of NPWT helps build a deeper appreciation of the therapy and its use today. That’s why Medela launched a new website devoted to the past, present and future experiences of NPWT

From the 1890s when glass cupping was used to remove wound secretions, to the 1980s when suction was being used in the US and Russia for the first time, and is now what we know as modern NPWT. You will learn about the commercialization of and the fight to make NPWT available to healthcare professionals for every patient who needs it.

Medela has innovated the standard of care with Intelligent Pressure Control and Dynamic Exudate Removal and continues to make NPWT easier for clinicians and patients. We help improve patient experience with a streamlined discharge process, provide therapy confidence with 24/7 support and intuitive devices, and help relieve the complexities and limitations experienced in NPWT, allowing for administrative freedom.

But one of the most exciting features on the new website is the collection of WOC Nurse stories. WOC Nurses have shared some of their most inspiring stories with us and we want to share them with you! You will also hear Dr. Katherine Jeter tell the story of the Genesis of NPWT in her own words, and find encouraging testimonials from clinicians and patients.

We invite you to visit, and learn more about Medela – who we are and how we can support you. 

Where we’re headed
As we look to the future, we strive to help improve patient experience, build therapy confidence and provide administrative freedom.

We are committed to continuing to innovate our technology and quality product portfolio, all while offering best in class support for our customers and patients.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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