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Is Digital Chest Drainage a myth to you? No worries - Ian Naldrett, Critical Care Nurse and Lecturer Practitioner at AICU Royal Brompton (UK), helps to demystify it!1

Traditional vs digital drains
Although an indwelling chest tube is often the factor limiting discharge from hospital, many hospitals still put patients on a plastic bottle with a bit of water in which is really lagging behind in currently available technology. Find out how traditional chest drains compare with digital ones.

Clinical implementation
Implementing a digital solution for chest drainage can be much easier if you follow a process. See Ian Naldrett sharing his step-by-step process from the Royal Brompton in this video.

Utilising research evidence
Ian Naldrett explains how patients, caregivers and the hospital system benefit from using digital chest drains - all backed by clinical publications and the NICE evaluation.

Risks dealing with chest drains
Your current chest drains may seem to work well, but certain risks associated with design and human factors do exist!

Demystifying digital chest drainage
New technology does not mean complicated. A critical care nurse explains how this technology works uncomplicated meanwhile keeps your patients safe.

Clinical cases
Thopaz+ works for all indications in which a chest drain is required.

How to implement the change
Implementing change in hospitals can be tedious. Find out how a critical care nurse changed practice in his hospital to improve patient's outcomes and streamline care.

Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care

  • Thopaz+ reduces chest tube duration and length of stay (in hospital).
  • Improves safety for people with chest drains.
  • Improves clinical decision-making through continuous objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss.
  • Increases patient mobility.
  • Clinical staff find Thopaz+ more convenient and easier to use than conventional chest drainage systems.
  • Visit our FAQ for more information about safe chest drain management.

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1 Ian Naldrett, Lecturer Practitioner, AICU Royal Brompton : "Demystifying Digital", held at EfCCNa conference, Ljubljana, February 2019