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Medela Dominant Flex surgical suction mobile with disposable jars Dominant Flex or Basic Surgical Suction Pumps
Medela Vario 18 c/i surgical suction with disposable system sideview Vario 18 and 18 c/i Suction Pump

Installing Dominant Flex or Basic for various settings

Step-by-step video guides make pump assembly simple – no matter which components are involved: RCS*, DCS** or trolley.

More videos to get your new Dominant System or Basic set up in flash

Unpacking & Assembling the Vario 18

Here you will walk through unpacking and assembling the portable Vario 18

Learn how to set up Medela's Vario 18 suction pump with Disposable and Reusable Collection Systems

Medela Vario 18 with Disposable Collection System

Medela Vario 18 with Reusable Collection System

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*Reusable Collection System

**Disposable Collection System