Be on the safe side

Be on the safe side by using a mobile Medela pump and its original accessories. The right suction system is key to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from even the smallest particles. Indeed, at Medela, we think our accessories are not just accessories, but a vital part of a safe and efficient medical vacuum system. Discover the benefits of a complete and compatible system for your hospital.

Single use liners help you to increase safety for you and your patient

Disposable suction liners for dominant flex

Use Disposable suction liners for simplifying the handling with contaminated waste materials, simplifying the setup of the suction pumps: one single vacuum connection, no extra tubing to be connected with every liner exchange. 

3 reasons to chose Medela disposable liners: 

  1. All Medela disposable liners have an overflow and bacteria filter, a smoke pre-filter and a non-return valve to prevent back-flow.
  2. Eliminate the risk of contamination during reprocessing.
  3. Reduce infection risk through use of a solidifying agent.
4 basic principles for better infection control

Medela Filters prevent viral spread

Medela fluid collection accessories filter bacteria

Use disposable filters during aerosol-generating procedures as they are one of the possible routes of highly infectious virus transmission. Prevent infection with highly efficient filter systems during endoscopic surgery and in thoracic anesthesia in procedures like tracheal tube repositioning; bronchoscopy and suction clearance of secretions among others.

Benefits at a glance

  • Laboratory tested high virus retention grades of 99.99984 % for particles larger than 0.03 μm
  • Captures all kinds of Coronaviruses: 2019-nCoV, SARS-CoV, HCoV NL 63 and HKUI
  • Filters all kinds of viruses and bacteria
PVS cross-contamination chart

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