Thopaz+ Digital Chest Drainage and Monitoring System*

*Monitoring of fluid drainage, air leak and pressure

Improving outcomes and streamlining care - clinically proven

Thopaz+ ensures a safe and continuous drainage independent of a wall vacuum to support high-quality patient care while minimizing risk of cross-contamination.

Compact, lightweight, portable unit with convenient carrying handle

Provides uninterrupted drainage in care settings, including those without access to central vacuum, enabling use in temporary COVID-19 patient care centers or for non-COVID-19 patients who are being moved away from dedicated COVID-19 wards.

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Long-life battery allows patients to move independently and be transported with ease while maintaining effective drainage.

Digital display

  • Digitally tracks fluid output and air leak trends over time.
  • Enables reliable monitoring of patient status and supports early decision-making by the care team using objective real-time data.

Double lumen tubing

  • Ensures that suction is only applied when needed.
  • Available with single or y-connectors and in three sizes.

System status notifications

Onboard guides support on-site troubleshooting to enhance ease of use.

Disposable canister

  • Detachable canister with 0.3l, 0.8l or 2l volume ensures safe and simple collection of fluids.
  • To prevent cross-contamination, the canister has an integrated hydrophilic overflow. .and bacteria filter from POREX®. Optional solidifier models eliminate the risk of spilling to protect staff safety.

Hygienic and easy-to-clean system

Thopaz+ has an effective defense against harmful particles

Thopaz and Thopaz+ provide safer patient care while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The Thopaz canister with integrated filter is proven to effectively retain pathogen-sized particles and hence prevent them from subsequently exiting to the environment via the exhaust.


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